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In ihrer 23. Sonderausgabe ( welcher nach diesem Absatz auf englisch zu finden ist,) behandelt Entwickler.de das Anwendungsfeld von Python. Der Leser erhält auch einen Ausblick darauf, was unser Spezialist, Dr. René Brunner, zu einem modernen, praktischen Ansatz von Python beiträgt >>> zum Artikel

The new >>developer magazine special<< Vol. 23 Python is out now. In addition to a compact introduction to the programming language, the new edition includes various personal contributions to the application relationships of Python. Our authors offer insights into the practice of data science and machine learning with Python.

Python: the most popular coding language

Dear readers,

The results of the Developer Survey 2020 by the technology company CodinGame were clear: Python is the most popular programming language and is therefore almost 36 percent ahead of JavaScript (29.48 percent) and Java (29.10 percent). The popularity is also reflected in other statistics such as Stack Overflow or the RedMonk index.

While JavaScript and Java date from the mid-1990s, Python was invented by Guido van Rossum in 1991. In recent years, in particular, Python has enjoyed increasing popularity, which could not least be due to the fact that it pursues the goal of being easy to learn. In addition, the subject areas in which it is used are also becoming increasingly important: machine learning, for example, is an absolute front in software development today.

But how is it that a programming language that is almost thirty years old is still experiencing such an upswing, or rather, why just now? In this issue of the >>developer magazine special<<, we want to shed some light on this question. The articles in this special are not only aimed at for experts but also at those who want to become one. At this point, it should also be mentioned that this magazine does not claim to be complete since, in a world of hyper-specialization and technology explosion, you can no longer know everything.

We have Elena Bochkor starting with a brief introduction to the basics of Python. Dr René Brunner then gives you an overview of the wide range where Python can be used in practice. For in addition to machine learning - TensorFlow is one of the most important frameworks in the field of deep learning - the popular programming language is also utilised in data science and web development. Tam Hanna and Dr Veikko Krypczyk present that Python can be used to solve mathematical problems wonderfully.

Stefan Seltmann writes “anyone who thinks Python is just a simple scripting language without typing is very wrong.” Thanks to the typing module and type checker like Mypy, statically typed code can also be developed in Python.

After an introduction into this exciting topic and its location in the world of current software development, we also venture to face the future in this issue: Oz Tiram paints a bright tomorrow for the programming language in an interview at the Python Summit 2019. "Python is certainly evolving, but the spirit that the language should remain easy to learn is still present." We can be curious to see how Python develops - the status as the most popular programming language is already a good start.
I wish you many exciting moments while reading,

Madeleine Domogalla

The highlights in the >>developer magazine special<< Vol. 23: Python

This beginning is easy
A compact introduction to the Python programming language
Elena Bochkor

Python in practice
Three uses of Python
Dr René Brunner

Well-engineered: TensorFlow 2.0
TensorFlow 2.0 offers a good introduction to deep learning
Hoang Tu Nguyen

Static typing with data classes and co
Develop statically typed code in Python
Stefan Seltmann

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